Dr. S. Meena has been graduated from Annamalai university and post graduated from T N Dr. MGR medical university and doctorate from Kakatiya university Warangal in collaboration with Indian Institute of Chemical Technology Hyderabad. Dr.S.Meena has more than 27 years of teaching experience at various capacities. She served more than 10 years, as HOD of Pharmaceutical chemistry. She is having more than 35 research publications in Indian as well as International journals. She has presented research paper in university of Barcelona. She is recognized research guide of JNTU Hyderabad. She has visited university of Bonn under DAAD-DST exchange program. She has been invited resource persons for many conferences and guided many post graduates and Ph. D students. She privileged to have one patent and which was awarded gold medal in 2015 from Sri Ramachandara Medical Univeristy.